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Project Info

Client: KBA+D
Year: 2016

This project was part of my BSc degree.

KBA+D is an architecture and interior design practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

They wanted to replace their website with a new design and wanted to be responsive on mobiles or tablets and attractive. I designed the new website from scratch using a colour scheme that matched their logo. I started with the interface design and back-end development. Their original website wasn’t responsive to screen sizes and:

  The navigation menu was badly implemented on the right and didn't comply with the design standard.
  The design elements didn't get in the way of the contents.
  Too many texts on the people page without READ MORE or LESS buttons.
  The images weren't optimised and take longer to load.
  The contact page didn't have an interactive maps or a contact form.
  The email address was visible publicly, this could lead to end up with an inbox full of spams.
  The website didn't have a content management system (CMS) where they could add, edit or delete projects, locations or categories.

What I Have Done
  Redesigned the whole website from scratch using the latest design strategy
  Used Bootstrap to support mobile, tablet and desktop screen layouts
  Implemented Web loader
  Used appropriate text colours & font sizes
  Designed most of the sections into one page
  Used appropriate colours on different sections
  Smooth scroll down to section on click
  Implemented Read (more +) / (less -) buttons on the Meet Us section
  Hover to zoom in over the Awards & Press images
  Back to the top button
  Implemented social media icons on the bottom of the page
  Implemented a contact form & interactive Google Maps
  Implemented CMS
  Implemented password encryption (Hash and salting)
  Display projects by locations loaded from MySQL database
  User inputs verification, SQL injection & security features for all user inputs

Renewed Website

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