Classified Ads

Project Info

Year: 2016

This was an assessment project of my BSc degree.

I was asked to build a classified advertisements web application. The application should allow sellers to insert adverts, and the adverts are charged at a rate depending on the number of words and images in the advert, and charged per day. Anyone could look through adverts on the website. Registered customers could buy an item but they must log in to do this.

The features on this website include purchase confirmations, transfer of funds from buyers to sellers, removal of the sold items, as well as charging the seller for the listing according to the algorithm mentioned above. Registered users could top up money into their accounts, or withdraw money from their accounts where the amounts cannot be negative.

What I Have Done
  Designed the website from scratch
  Used Bootstrap to support mobile, tablet and desktop screen layouts
  Applied an appropriate colour scheme and designs using CSS
  Implemented an edge to edge slideshow on homepage
  Implemented CMS using MySQL database
  Implemented user registration with postcode validation
  Implemented password encryption
  Implemented user inputs verification (SQL injection & security features on all user inputs)
  Allow sellers to add new items, funds or withdraw funds, and edit profile through the CMS
  Allow buyers to purchase any items available on the application
  Developed the system to manage each transaction
  Implemented a contact form
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