Film Review

Project Info

Year: 2016

This project was part of my BSc degree assessment.

I was asked to build a reviewing web application using RIA features, and it should only comprise a single web page with the content of the page changing using JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery and other RIA techniques. Data that drives the site comes from MySQL database and delivered in JSON format to the page, and then converted to HTML5 through JavaScript. The site has images and text regarding each film and the ability to add a new film. Additionally, users could review any films awarding stars (1 to 5) with a short description.

What I Have Done
  Designed the website from scratch using the latest design strategy
  Used Bootstrap to support mobile, tablet and desktop screen layouts
  Used HTML5 & CSS3
  Used appropriate text colours & font sizes
  Display data from MySQL database
  Allow users to review films
  Allow user to add new film and to check if the film exists on the database
  Implemented a contact form
  Used jQuery for animation
  Used Ajax to manipulate data without refreshing the page
  Used Json to convert data that drives into the site
  User inputs verification, SQL injection & security features for all user inputs
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