Project Info

Client: R&B Autos
Year: 2019

R&B Autos is a local garage located in the heart of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. R&B Auto provides extensive car services from accident damage repair to battery, brakes, exhaust, or car body repair, as well as engine services, gas welding, MOT failure work, or any types of mechanical & body work.

I was proud to develop and deliver a new website for this client using their colour scheme. The main feature they wanted is the pick & drop area marked on Google Maps. You can find this implemented on the contact us page.

What I Have Done
  Applied colour scheme and designs using CSS
  Used Bootstrap to support mobile, tablet and desktop screen layouts
  Used JavaScript and jQuery for animation
  Implemented interactive Google Maps and embedded markings
  Implemented hover to show information on product images
  Implemented a contact form
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